Welcome Angels Wellness Centre Inc.
(Lucy Basso)

Psychic Medium/Reiki Master Practitioner/Life Coach/Past Life Healer/ Fairyologist/Early Childhood Educator/Spiritual Teacher

What is Saging?

Saging your house is also known as smudging. Its roots are in Native American cultures and traditions. It is a ritualistic way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies or influences.

The theory behind smudging is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears it takes the negative energy with it, then Mother Earth reabsorbs the negative energy and filters it herself.

Sage also helps the flow of energy in your house, every house can have stagnant areas where the energy is not necessarily negative, but it’s stuck. The sage helps move it along.

Because of Lucy’s Catholic background Lucy works with prayer, holy water, Incents, crystals, music, white light, Reiki healing and of course communication with the Angels to help effectively cleansed your home or business. Cleansing is a process and it is not recommended that one attempt this without a professional.

To book this type of service please contact Lucy directly to arrange a date and time.

Reasons why to sage and bless your home

*After you have had a large party or gathering at your house. Energy is fluid, so people can leave bits of their energy field where ever they go.

*If you have had a fight with your spouse or children.

*If a negative/grumpy/mean person comes into your home or business.

*If you just moved into a new residence and you want to clean out the energy of the previous family.

*If a virus or illness just went through your house. Sage does have anti-bacterial properties to it. But really it’s good to do, because usually all illness is just a physical manifestation of an issue in your energy field that has been taken care of.

*If something sad or traumatic happened. Grief is not necessarily a negative energy, but it sometimes lingers longer than is healthy, and sage can help it along.

*If you bought a new business location off of someone else. Old energy could still be lingering from the previous owners and effect your business.

*If you disrupted the land inside or outside it could wake up some old energies unintentionally.

*If you suspect that there is a spirit living in your home or business.

From years of experience of cleansing many homes and businesses there have always been visible benefits.  Clients have always seemed to of enjoyed additional guidance they have received from the Angels and feel at peace once the cleansing is complete and for the days to years following.


The house blessing rate is $300.00 + HST and can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete a blessing/clearing.  

Locations Lucy Travels to..

Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke, Woodbridge, Maple and some parts of Toronto


By visiting, shopping, and/or booking services through Lucy Basso directly you and or person(s) booking for following the terms and conditions listed under the Disclaimer page on WelcomeAngels.ca. Please read as well inform everyone involved to read them carefully. 

The retainer holds your reserved date and will be reimbursed at the end of this session. Please note this retainer holds this date, if for any reason changes or cancellations need to be made on your end then the $100 + HST retainer is non-refundable as Lucy Basso schedules a whole day off for a house or business blessing and this is to offset the loss of business.

Must be the age of 18 or older to book any services with Welcome Angels Wellness Centre Inc.