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Welcome Angels

Wellness Centre Inc.

G   i   v   e     y   o   u   r   s   e   l   f     a     m   o   m   e   n   t     o   f     w   e   l   l   n   e   s   s

Who We Are

We offer wellness events,
workshops and services and believe
in helping and healing others. 

Grieving the loss of a loved one?

Is the unknown of the future causing worrisome thoughts?

Are you or your children seeing what you believe to be spirits?

Do you believe a spirit is in your home or business, and you're seeking a sense of peace?

Are you having continuous unsettling dreams?

Do you feel you have a spiritual calling and need help to get on the right path?

Lucy Basso is a Certified Psychic Medium/Healer.

Lucy being a natural healer and has the gift and ability to call upon God, Jesus, Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Guides and departed loved ones to help assist her clients. Lucy is Certified in Usui Reiki Healing Level 1, level 2 and is currently a Reiki Master Teacher. 

 Lucy is also Certified in Quantum and Crystal Healing, as well The Human Wellness & Recuperation Program Qi Energy Work Level 1 and Daoist Meditation. Through her studies Lucy became a Certified Life Coach, Past Life Healer, Axiatonal Alignment Healing and Meditative Shamanic Journeying.  

In Addition, Lucy has extensive knowledge working with children of various needs and is a former
Registered Early Childhood Educator who has been working with Children and families for over 25 plus years.

Lucy's readings are guided from a higher power that help her clients provide healing in all parts of their lives.

Please take a look around Lucy's site and if you have any questions regarding her services do not hesitate to contact her.

God Bless, Love and Light sent your way..


Lucy Basso


Lucy Basso was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Coming from a strict Catholic Italian background, Lucy knew that being different at such a young age wasn't normally accepted.  Throughout Lucy's life she dealt with illnesses, various operations, difficulty focusing in class and being extra sensitive to people around her. She was often sick with stomach issues and in later years was diagnosed with anxiety. At the age of two, Lucy's parent's dealt with a very traumatic incident where she had an extremely high fever causing her to go into convulsions which ended with Lucy having a near death experience. Luckily for Lucy and her family the right Doctors and Angels were on duty that day.  Lucy has a love for children and due to that love, she ended up graduating with an Early Childhood Educator Diploma at Sheridan College. She regularly continues with her schooling and has been working with children since 1998. Lucy has completed several related Certificate Programs, Courses and Workshops which has helped her relate and work with children. Lucy has not only done readings for thousands adults, she has read and continue to read for many children as well. Lucy has helped children with various circumstances such as: difficulty within their family, school, their own spiritual gifts and by helping them to strive to their full potential.  Throughout the years, Lucy has worked in several child care centers. Her main concern has always been the health and safety of the children. Being a strong willed person,
Lucy is not afraid to stand up for the children's rights and wellbeing. She has always made sure that the children come first.
 Now as loving mother and wife, Lucy can only validate again and again that children are the most important key to the future.

She prides herself in helping families and leads with her heart when working with others.  Lucy comes from a long line of Psychic Mediums which actually stems from both sides of her family.  During the years Lucy has studied intensively and has read hundred's of spiritual and religious based books. She has been guided to attend several meditation classes which has led her to study many of her favourite authors and role models.   Lucy is certified through several intuitive teachers and healers to give accurate and beautiful readings as well healings.  
With the help of those teachings and being guided from Lucy's own spiritual crew, the path that she now walks on
exudes light and hopes to invoke that light upon others.

"When you can see someone heal immediately during one of my sessions that is a blessing each and every time,
not only for my clients but for myself. It only makes me want to help as many people as I can."

-Lucy Basso


** Please TEXT 647-309-9292 or E-MAIL to be added to the wait list**

Our Team

Nella Pozo


Administrative Assistant / Certified Reiki Master Healer






Nella is a Reiki Master Practitioner here at Welcome Angels Wellness Centre Inc. who also the Administrative Assistant who manages all scheduled appointments, classes, workshops and events.

Nella has been working with Welcome Angels Wellness Centre Inc./Lucy Basso Since 2017.  During her time here Nella has completed her Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 and Master Level Certification, Angel Oracle/Tarot Card Reader Certification, Angelic Mediumship Certification, Chakra Crystal Certification, Indian Head Massage Certification and Lymphatic Massage Certification.

Nella is now certified through the Canadian Reiki Association and is currently providing daily healing sessions here at Welcome Angels Wellness Centre Inc. 


Please Contact

Nella directly to schedule your Reiki Sessions by text or call (647) 309-9292 or e-mail



Please feel free to contact Welcome Angels Wellness Centre Inc. if you have any questions!

Come Experience The Secrets Of Spiritual Wellness!

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